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NBL changes salary cap rules

  • NBL changes salary cap rules

    The NBL has announced a raft of changes ahead of the 2016-17 season.

The NBL is increasing the number of imports and introducing a so-called `soft' salary cap for next season.

With Brisbane to re-join the fold in 2016-17, rosters will increase by one extra player to 11, while the current $1 million salary cap will be replaced by a $1.1 million `soft' salary cap.

The NBL says the cap "is a soft cap, with teams able to spend over and above this figure" provided they contribute to an equalisation subsidy.

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The subsidy will then be paid to teams struggling to meet the cap, which had previously been a $1m `hard' cap.

As well as increasing the number of imports, the NBL scrapped the player points rating system.

NBL general manager Jeremy Loeliger also said every player will be valued by an independent contract review committee.

Loeliger said the moved intended to ensure wealthier teams didn't stockpile talent on their benches when those players could be in starting line-ups of less well-off teams.

The NBL also altered marquee rules in a bid to lure more Australians back to the competition.

Up to four local players can now be nominated as marquee players, with only the first $150,000 of their salary counted under the cap.

Australian Basketballers Association chief Jacob Holmes said the adjustments were a step to engage with off-shore Australian talent.

"We want as many opportunities for our Australian players to better themselves in high quality competition as possible," he said in a statement.

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